Dutch couple drown in the sea at Torrevieja

by Lorraine Williamson

A Dutch couple died on Monday along the coast of Playa de la Mata. Due to the current and strong wind, the 56-year-old man was unable to return to the coast. In an attempt to save her husband, the 55-year-old woman from the Netherlands also drowned in the sea at Torrevieja. 

Due to the strong wind, the current in the sea near the Torrevieja seaside resort was treacherous on Monday. A 56-year-old man from the Netherlands was swimming in the sea and got into trouble trying to get back to shore. His wife (55) saw that he was strugglin and ran into the water to help him. Then they both got into difficulties.

Dutch couple taken out of the water by bystanders 

The Spanish news site El Mundo reports that other bathers, along with employees of a restaurant, managed to get the couple out of the water. Shortly after this was successful, the fire brigade and ambulance services arrived. Unfortunately, the man had already died when he was taken out of the water. The woman was alive at the time but was unconscious. However, several attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful. 

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No supervision on Spanish beaches after the end of the high season 

The beach is no longer be supervised after September 15, because the summer season has ended. When there is bad weather or strong wind, a red flag regularly flies. Various Spanish media report that the red flag was raised, but other media disprove this story. There were, however, dozens of other people in the sea at the time of this event. 

The beach of La Mata is located on the open sea and there is often quite a strong current. It is not the first time that people have drowned off the coast of Torrevieja. In 2021, as many as four people drowned near this popular seaside resort in Spain. 

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