Over 7,000 tourists from three cruise ships flood the centre of Malaga

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga cruise ships

MáLAGA – On Monday, the port of Malaga experienced a new high when three cruise ships docked simultaneously. This was good news for many entrepreneurs in the city centre. No fewer than 7,325 additional potential customers poured into the centre. 

The port of Malaga already experienced some highlights this summer. A month ago, a new dock was inaugurated to accommodate mega yachts. Furthermore, 31 berths have been created to accommodate yachts up to 180 metres in length. 

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Moreover, just a week ago from September 13 to 17, the ‘Málaga Cruise Days‘ were held. During this time, the Andalucian city welcomed exclusive sailboats, large cruise ships and replicas of historic ships. Among the latter were the replicas of Nao Victoria, the Andalucian Galleon, the Pailebot Pascual Flores and the Götheborg ship. 

Now, just recovering from the cruise ship event, the port of Málaga had another anniversary on Monday morning, with the simultaneous arrival of three gigantic ships carrying a total of 7,325 passengers. 

Cogesa Expats

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The local newspaper Málaga Hoy reports that the arrival of this trio is the seventh time this year that three cruise ships have coincided. This time it concerned the cruise ships ‘Costa Fortuna’, ‘MSC Grandiosa’ and ‘Queen Victoria’. 

Costa Fortuna 

The Costa Fortuna, moored at the north pier, makes a 16-day route between Bremerhaven in Germany and Savona in Italy. The ship was built in 2003, is 272 metres long and has 1,946 passengers on board, 60% of the maximum capacity. 

Queen Victoria 

The Cunard Line Queen Victoria, docked in Malaga with 1,595 passengers, operates a 19-day route starting and ending in Southampton. The ship will call at various ports in Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy en route. 

MSC Grandiosa 

Docked at the southern pier, MSC Grandiosa with a length of 331 metres and its 18 decks visited the port of Málaga for the first time. Built-in 2019 in France, this vessel with seating for 3,784 passengers, departed from Kiel (Germany) and will finish in Barcelona (Spain). After Málaga, Genoa (Italy) is still on the route before it ends in the port of Barcelona. 

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