Church in Spain angry over new promo video for La Rioja

by Lorraine Williamson
La Rioja video

LOGROÑO – According to the Catholic Church, the new video promoting the La Rioja region as a tourist destination is “offensive” to the Catholic faith. Therefore, the diocese wants the images removed. 

It concerns two dancers performing a regional dance on the altar of the Unión church in the municipality of Clavijo. Now that the president of the La Rioja district government, Concha Andreu, has declared that neither the video nor the specific images of the dancers will be removed, it is ‘war’. Andreu even emphasised that the dissemination of the video is being further promoted. Furthermore, she clarified that the decision was taken after a personal meeting with Bishop Santos Montoya, whom she says understands “artistic freedom”.  

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La Rioja promotional video

However, according to the diocese, the statues of the dancers on the altar “do not correspond to the respect that characterises the people of La Rioja”. The Diocese of Calahorra y La Calzada-Logroño has even issued an official statement via Twitter. It states that they say “the violation of our protocol” for these activities by those responsible for the video caused this “unfortunate incident which we hope will be corrected immediately”. 

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