Five Spanish villages that pay you for your arrival

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish villages

Do you dream of moving abroad to live and work there but don’t know how to go about it? Then read carefully; these five Spanish villages pay new residents in one way or the other for their arrival. 

These villages are located in the Spanish interior and had to deal with years of exodus. They struggle with depopulation after young people in particular decided to move to a city because their chances of finding a job there are greater. Consequently, with their departure, local businesses and facilities also have less to do. This means that businesses and services also disappear. 

To prevent the disappearance of shops, bars, schools, and postal services and to stimulate the local economy, municipal authorities try to attract new residents with attractive financial offers to breathe new life into their city. This translates into low rents, cheap or even free housing, jobs or monthly subsidies. 

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Some places even take the drastic measure of paying people to come and live there. We mention five such Spanish villages here. 


Ponga is located in the heart of the Cantabrian massif and surrounded by river valleys in Asturias. The place currently has 574 inhabitants. The municipality offers €3,000 to couples who settle permanently and another €3,000 for each child born in the city. 

Cogesa Expats


Rubia is located in Galicia, also in the northwest of Spain in the province of Ourense. It still has 1,400 inhabitants but offers between €100 and €150 in aid to any person who decides to move there. 

Olmeda de la Cuesta

Olmeda de la Cuesta is located in Cuenca and has only 20 inhabitants. This municipality is auctioning plots of land for prices between €200 and €3,000 with the only requirement that a house must be built within a maximum of three years. 


Griegos can be found at an altitude of 1,604 metres in the Sierra de Albarracín in the province of Teruel. It has 130 inhabitants and offers newcomers jobs and three months of free rent. After that, the rent only remains at €225 per month. In addition, new residents receive a bonus of €50 for each child of compulsory school age. 

A Xesta

A Xesta is ideal for those looking for nature and tranquillity. The hamlet has 50 inhabitants and is located in the Galician province of Pontevedra. The offer is that newcomers pay only €100 in rent. 

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