Brit wins villa worth more than 3 million euros in Mallorca in charity lottery

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villa Mallorca in charity lottery


Fate was kind to a 52-year-old Brit: in a charity lottery he took part in, he won a villa in Mallorca worth more than 3 million euros.

The lottery was organised by the American company Omaze in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK. This is a leading charity organisation focused on Alzheimer’s research in the United Kingdom.

A dream that becomes reality

The won property, with an estimated value of more than €3 million, is located near Caimari. This is a town in the municipality of Selva north of Inca in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain area. In addition to a new house, Graham Dunlop also won a significant amount of money. The lucky shot not only received the keys to the luxurious home, but also almost €300,000 in prize money.

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The luxurious villa has four bedrooms, a spacious living room with fireplace and a swimming pool. From the beautiful garden the new owner can enjoy a spectacular view of the Serra de Tramuntana. Furthermore, Dunlop has the option to sell or rent the house in the future. That can mean a significant additional source of income.

The presentation of the charity lottery prize

The surprise was unveiled in Southampton, where Dunlop lives with his family. A phone call from Omaze heralded the exciting revelation. This was followed by the visit of a representative of the organisation, accompanied by camera crews. A video revealing the prize was played for Dunlop, his wife and some neighbours. The surprise and excitement were enormous when Dunlop realised what he had won. “Oh, my God, is this real? Do you have the keys?” were his incredulous words after seeing the video.

A life-changing experience

The impact of this win on the lives of Dunlop and his family is immeasurable. “This will definitely change our lives. It offers us more security, especially for the children,” he said after the unveiling. A visit to his new home in Mallorca only confirmed his enthusiasm and gratitude. “It’s fantastic. The location and views are spectacular. It’s beautiful,” he said in a video uploaded by Omaze on YouTube.

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