Loteria de Navidad 2023: Celebrations across Spain as ‘El Gordo’ makes history

by Lorraine Williamson
the Loteria de Navidad

MADRID – The Loteria de Navidad 2023 has left a trail of celebrations across Spain, following this much-anticipated event.

The historic draw, known for its festive atmosphere and life-changing prizes, unfolded at the Teatro Real de Madrid on Friday. This year’s “El Gordo,” the top prize, proved to be the most ‘reluctant’ in history. The number 88008 took its time to grace the lucky winners. As the nation rejoices, let’s delve into the details of the remarkable distribution of fortunes.

The unveiling of winners

At 1.16 pm, the momentous number 88008 emerged as the bearer of the grand prize, making it the latest “Gordo” in history. The Teatro Real de Madrid echoed with the sounds of the children of San Ildefonso, announcing the lucky winners who will each receive €400,000 per winning ticket. The delayed revelation only added to the suspense and excitement, surpassing the previous record set in 2014.

Spread of wealth

The lucky number 88008, securing the grand prize, has spread its wealth and celebrations across Spain. With more than 200 administrations selling the winning tickets, one particular location, the Avenida de Monforte de Lemos in the Barrio del Pilar, Madrid, became a focal point with a staggering €200 million (50 series) awarded. Other regions, including Jaén, Écija, Vilamarxant, Dos Hermanas, and more, also experienced significant winnings.

Prize distribution

Apart from the grand prize, the second, third, and fourth prizes were also generously distributed. The second prize, €125,000 per ticket, went to number 58303, while the third prize of €50,000 per ticket was claimed by those holding number 31938. The fourth prizes, €20,000 each, were awarded to numbers 93361 and 41147. Additionally, eight fifth prizes, each worth €6,000 per ticket, further contributed to the widespread celebrations.

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While most prizes found their way to numerous winners, the third prize stood out. It was entirely sold in Biar (Alicante). The overall prize pool reached an impressive €2.5 billion , creating an abundance of winners.

The Loteria de Navidad – El Gordo

The draw commenced at 9.00 am and continued with the excitement building up as the various prizes were unveiled. The grand prize, often referred to as “El Gordo,” held its suspense until 1.16 pm, making it a memorable and thrilling event. With a total prize pool of €2.59 billion, the much anticipated Lotería de Navidad 2023 continues to bring joy to countless households.

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