Record collection at Walk against Cancer in Valencia

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Walk against Cancer

VALENCIA – The Paseo de la Alameda in Valencia was the vibrant heart of solidarity and sportsmanship on Sunday morning. The annual Walk Against Cancer attracted a record number of 14,011 registrations.

The Walk Against Cancer event, which started at 8.30 am, raised more than €70,000, the highest since its inception in 2015. Joshua García from team Cárnicas Serrano was the first to cross the finish line after just 19 minutes and three seconds. In the women’s race, it was Alba López who crossed the finish line after 22 minutes and 38 seconds, also from team Cárnicas Serrano.

Winning is not the objective

However, the race itself and the winners are secondary. The real success is the enormous participation and the impressive yield. Since the start of the event in 2015, a total of €358,865 has been raised for cancer research.

Cogesa Expats

Emotions at the finish line

At the finish line, many participants and spectators were emotional. Many participants walked in memory of a loved one who suffered from the disease or died. Despite the heavy theme, there was a festive atmosphere. Life and the fight against cancer were central, which even made participants with cancer smile.

A day full of activities

In addition to the classic race, there were also other activities, including a skating tour and two walks, one of which was Nordic Walking. The many stands of sponsors and partner organisations offered additional small activities.


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