Beware of the ‘Andalucian Crush’!

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Andalucian crush

SEVILLE – With a series of fiery and sometimes dark images and stirring music, the viewer of Andalucia’s latest promotional video receives an urgent warning.

It comes from a smoky voice from the mouth of Peter Dinklage, the actor who played Tyrian Lannister in the hit series Games of Thrones. But you only see that at the end. “This is not an advertisement, it is a warning,” he begins, as a ball of fire explodes on the image. “I know a place, a place that will break you into a thousand pieces, that will penetrate among the shards and stay there forever. Run! Run!”  Meanwhile, the piercing notes of the trumpets that can also be heard during the Semana Santa celebrations in Andalucia sound.

“Get an apartment in Berlin, stay away from them. Stay away from Lorca [the poet], Paco [the guitarist], Picasso. Don’t ask for Lola [Flores]. Don’t listen to the poets who have been here. Wow, huge horse. Ouch, pain from the snow. Ai, Ai!” And the last cry turns into a scream as the music also seems to explode. Lannister continues: “But if, despite everything, it occurs to you to visit Andalucia. Then don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Then the actor comes into the picture: “Beware of the ‘Andalucian crush’.”

New image of Spanish region

In this striking tourist promotion campaign “Andalucian Crush”, the public company for Tourism and Sports, in collaboration with Ogilvy Madrid, has created a new image of this Spanish region. The initiative is part of a large-scale €32 million advertising campaign launched by the regional government in May. The makers hope to redefine the image of Andalucia and emphasise the unique cultural experiences it has to offer.

UN-erasable impression

At the heart of the campaign is the idea that Andalucia leaves an indelible impression on visitors and has a lasting emotional impact. With a budget of €5.6 million for the creative aspect, Ogilvy Madrid aims to bring the rich culture of Andalucia – from music and poetry to art and architectural heritage – to the fore.

The cultural offer of Andalucia

Arturo Bernal, the Councillor for Tourism, Culture and Sport, emphasised at the launch at the Alfonso: “The campaign celebrates the cultural `extra´ of Andalucia, a legacy of a diversity of artists and civilisations that make the region an unparalleled destination.”

Specially created typography

With a groundbreaking aesthetic and innovative audiovisual techniques, the campaign pays tribute to local and international icons such as Federico García Lorca and Pablo Picasso, making them ambassadors of Andalucia on the world stage. A specially created typography, inspired by manuscripts of the different cultures that have lived in Andalucia, contributes to the rich cultural expression of the campaign.

Video aimed at Generation Z and new markets

“Andalucian Crush” aims to attract new markets, such as Generation Z. Furthermore, it also wants to strengthen its position in the North America, Asia and Pacific markets. More than 800 communications actions are planned, including outdoor advertising in cities such as London, New York and Miami, and prominent locations in Mexico, Canada, Japan and China.

The campaign will be rolled out widely across television, radio, press, digital media, social networks and outdoor advertising, with a visual power that reflects the emotional experience of visitors to iconic Andalucian locations.

With this strategic and creative move, Andalucia hopes to strengthen its tourist appeal worldwide and enchant a new generation of travellers with its rich cultural offer.

Divided reactions

Social media is already raining reactions from proud Andalucians, ranging from enthusiasm about the innovative nature of the video to rejection because specific places that Andalucia is famous for are not shown.

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