Wine tourism in Spain more and more popular every year

by Lorraine Williamson
wine tourism

More and more Spaniards and foreign tourists have discovered wine tourism in Spain. The large number of visitors to wineries and museums prove that driving beautiful wine routes in Spain is gaining popularity every year. 

Spain has a long history of wine production and has numerous wine regions. For these reasons, Spain is a paradise for wine lovers eager to discover the art of winemaking and enjoy the finest wines the country has to offer. 

Wine tourism Spain is back after pandemic 

In 2022, wineries and museums registered no less than 2.5 million visitors, 52% more than in 2021. These are places that are linked to the famous wine routes that Spain has. This increase also represents a recovery of more than 80% of the pre-pandemic numbers. Wineries and museums earned more than €75 million last year from both Spanish and foreign tourists. This does not even include the income from other expenses during wine tours such as expenses for overnight stays, restaurants and other activities. 

These months and routes are popular when it comes to wine tourism 

The ACEVIN, the Spanish Association of Wine Towns, recently released these figures. October is the month where most tourists travel the 36 more famous wine routes in Spain. Furthermore, this month often coincides with the grape harvest. August is also a popular month for wine tourism. Moreover, last year, as in previous years, January was the quietest. 

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In 2022, the following routes had the most visitors: 

  • Marco de Jerez Wine Route: 333,781 visitors 
  • Rioja Alta Wine Route: 313,974 visitors 
  • Ribera del Duero Wine Route: 281,918 visitors 
  • Penedès Wine Route: 262,693 visitors 
  • Rioja Alavesa Wine Route: 234,101 visitors 
  • Calatayud Wine Route: 229,009 visitors 

Tourists from Spain are still in the majority, at more than 80% of wine tourists. Nevertheless, foreign tourists are also becoming more interested in this form of tourism every year. Spain is not only known for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, but is also one of the better destinations for lovers of fine wine. 

You will encounter this on the more famous wine routes in Spain 

One of Spain’s most iconic wine regions is the La Rioja region. The region is responsible for some of the best Spanish wines. Here, visitors can take part in tours of vineyards and wine cellars and learn about the production process and the different grape varieties grown in this region. In addition, they can enjoy tastings where they can discover the flavours and aromas of the Rioja wines. 

Another unmissable destination for wine lovers is the Catalonia region, with the world-famous Penedès wine region. This is the home of sparkling Cava, the Spanish equivalent of prosecco. Visitors can explore the charming vineyards, where indigenous grape varieties such as Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada are grown. 

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