Valencia restrictions until September 6th

by Lorraine Williamson
Valencia restrictions extended

VALENCIA – The regional council of Valencia announced on Saturday that restrictions will apply again from Monday until at least September 6. Despite the numbers falling, Valencia restrictions are one of the strictest sets of measures in all of Spain. 

In the past 14 days, Valencia had 387 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that has been falling further and further in recent days. Since the lifting of the restrictions in Spain, there has been a new corona wave. Therefore, Valencia, together with other regions, already announced measures and restrictions a few weeks ago. 

Valencia restrictions extended but partly changed 

The previously announced measures and restrictions in the Valencia region expire today. On Saturday 14 August, the regional government decided to maintain many measures and to change some, in consultation with the Supreme Court of the region. 

Measures for the catering industry in Valencia almost the same 

Some of the measures that applied previously are being maintained. This applies, for example, to the catering industry that has to close at 12.30 am. Ten people are allowed to sit at the table outside and inside this is limited to a maximum of six people. Inside, only half of the usual capacity is allowed, while terraces are allowed to open completely. However, stores are allowed to receive 75% of the usual capacity to customers. 

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Measures for events and swimming pools Valencia 

Sports events held indoors are allowed at half the usual capacity, but with a maximum of 1,500 attendees. This also applies to shows and parties that, like the catering industry, must end at 12.30 am. For swimming pools and spas, half the usual capacity is allowed. 

Curfew for fewer municipalities in Valencia 

The curfew has been reduced in Valencia from previously 77 to now 68 municipalities. The capital Valencia and 67 other cities in the region, including Alicante and Castellón, have curfews from 1.00 am to 6.00 am. This Spanish-language article by Las Provincias provides an overview of all municipalities where a curfew is in effect from today until at least 6 September. 

Previously, a maximum group size of 10 people applied throughout the region. This restriction on social gatherings only applies from today in the municipalities where there is a curfew. Groups of friends and family are still allowed to gather here with a maximum of ten people. In all other municipalities, there is no longer a limit for this. 

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