US visitors to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
US visitors to Spain

Year on year, the number of US visitors to Spain has increased. And with pre-pandemic figures of over 3.3 million travellers from America during 2019, it is hoped this figure will increase again during 2022. But what steps and procedures must travellers from the US to Spain follow? 

According to the US Embassy in Spain, American citizens may travel to Spain for essential and non-essential purposes. 

For non-essential travel, including tourism, you must prove you have been vaccinated, or have a valid recovery certificate. For essential travel, including workers or students, it is the same requirements as above. However, for this traveller, there is the additional option of providing a negative Covid-19 test result.  

Those aged between 12 and 18 years, must show they have either been vaccinated or have a relevant recovery certificate. If they have neither of these, then a negative PCR test can be displayed. This must be taken within 72 hours of travel. 

Valid vaccines 

A vaccine is deemed valid from 14 days after the last dose has been administered. However, it will remain valid only until 270 days after the last dose. After this time (9 months), you must show proof of having received a booster shot. 

Recovery certificates 

If you have had the virus and recovered, a certificate is usually issued at least 11 days after your first positive result. This will remain valid until up to 180 days. 

QR code 

Spain also requires you to complete an online form that will generate a QR code for you. This must be presented on arrival in Spain. You can obtain the QR code by visiting Spain Travel Health portal . Alternatively, there is also an app that can be found on Play Store or iTunes. Every passenger, regardless of age, must produce a QR code.  

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If you are not entering Spain directly from America, then you must check the requirements from Spain of the country or countries you have visited or travelled through. This can be done via the official Spanish government website. 

Testing while on holiday 

If you wish to test while you are on holiday, or before your return journey, there are various places available for PCR or antigen tests. Most private hospitals and health clinics will offer these. Check their websites for pricing. Depending on your location, there are even some companies that will visit you and deliver the testing, or there are also test streets available in some locations. 

Restrictions in Spain 

While in Spain, different areas may have slightly different restrictions. These are changing all the time and are dependent on the rate of infection in each specific area. Currently, however, it is mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport and inside public establishments. Also, outdoors where 1.5-metre distance cannot be guaranteed. 

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Editor’s note:

This information was correct at the time of writing. However, as information may change on a daily basis, it is always better to confirm before making any travel plans. 

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