PCR and antigen tests in Spain delivered to your home

by Lorraine Williamson
PCR and Antigen tests

MADRID – In addition to incidence infection figures, curves and introduction or removal of restrictive measures, PCR and Antigen tests have recently dominated the lives of many of us. Especially for those who want to travel. 

There is often confusion over what kind of test you need for your flight and where can you have it taken. Also, rules may be different for those travelling by car. Furthermore, if you are in your home in Spain, and are experiencing symptoms, do you know where you should go to find out if you are infected or not? Is that possible at a state hospital or must you go to a private clinic? A veritable jungle of providers of all types of tests has now emerged. 

Therefore, as is often the case with a very quickly emerging demand, suppliers of clandestine products with a nose for quick money pop up. Such a jungle is not useful at all if you are not confident with the Spanish language. Then, once you have found a lab do you know in which format the results will be delivered and more importantly: whether it will arrive on time. If you need a negative test result for a flight, the test is only valid for a maximum number of hours.

In short, it can lead to difficult situations that can cause quite a lot of stress, especially just before you leave. 

Non-invasive Covid tests in your hotel suite, holiday villa or yacht 

Salutlabs home covid testing delivery

For those staying in and around the Barcelona area, Ibiza, Mallorca or the Costa del Sol between Nerja and Estepona, there is now good news. In these areas you can have a hassle-free, reliable Covid-19 test delivered to your home. This also applies if you are staying in a holiday accommodation such as a hotel, an apartment complex or a holiday villa. Even on your yacht if anchored in one of the ports in the above areas, the Salutlabs drivers know where to find you. 

They provide a do-it-yourself test kit containing a non-invasive PCR saliva test or antigen test. You can easily perform this yourself without the hassle of having cotton swabs in your nose or throat and the additional uncertainty whether you have done it well enough and whether your result is reliable. The driver takes the test kit back and takes it to the laboratory. This way you are ready in 15 minutes and you do not have to wait for a single moment. You can do something else or enjoy your holiday for a while before you have to get back on the plane. 

Cogesa Expats

Result and official travel certificate within 24 hours 

Salutlabs guarantees to let you know the test result within 24 hours. Not only that, you will also receive an officially approved travel certificate by email. 

Book a test 

Via the website of Salutlabs.com you can select the desired day and time to have the COVID-19 test delivered to your home. There you also leave your address and telephone number so that the driver can deliver the test on time and can call for locations that may be difficult to find. The driver delivers the sealed do-it-yourself test package at the door.

Sample home testing kit

You do the test by spitting into a test tube, sealing it, sterilizing the tube on the outside with the disinfectant cloth supplied for that purpose and the delivery person places the tube in the return package. You sign a consent form and there goes your test kit. As soon as possible to the nearest laboratory for a thorough analysis. As soon as the result is known, you will receive it by e-mail together with your official travel certificate. 

Where are the tests delivered? 

Non-invasive PCR and antigen testing can be delivered to homes in the following areas: Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca, metropolitan Barcelona, ​​Costa del Sol (Nerja, Torrox, Torre del Mar, Vélez-Málaga, Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga, Torremolinos , Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona). If you enter your zip code on the website, you can see whether Salutlabs can also deliver to your home. There is also a handy chat function on the website, should you have any questions. See the website for prices. The price for a PCR test or Antigen test in Spain includes a valid travel certificate, transportation, administration costs and the delivery of the tests. 

Good reviews 

Salutlabs.com has a high ‘excellent’ rating at e-Trustedshops.es with no less than 4.62 out of 5 stars. “It was so easy and fast, excellent service. They arrived at our hotel and the test was ready within 5 minutes. And thank God for the saliva test. No nasty stick in your nose. I can recommend everyone to use this service”, is one of the positive reviews. Another says: “Great service in the hotel, friendly and within the 24 hour time frame. The saliva test is also very comfortable and much friendlier than the normal PCR nose and mouth swab” 

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