Testing for QR code in English-language on your holiday location in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson

BENIDORM – Even with the introduction of the QR code, travelling has not gotten any easier since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Depending on the health situation, travel advice is constantly changing for each country. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you prepare well for your holiday. 

Among all the measures, which we had never heard of two years ago, the obligation to conduct corona tests for certain activities has mainly dominated the travel world. However, the coronavirus seems to be spreading less violently. Despite this, the European Commission plans to extend the European corona pass or the QR code for travel. The proposal is on the table to allow cross-border travel from the Member States only based on the QR code until July 2023. 

Brussels is responding to uncertain developments around the virus 

According to Brussels, this extension is necessary because the coronavirus is still circulating in Europe. Furthermore, the Commission states that there is uncertainty about what will happen in the second half of this year. The day-to-day management of the EU also wants to take into account the possible emergence of new variants. 

People without a booster shot can’t just fly 

If Europe decides to let those measures and the QR code last for another year, for example, people who have not had a booster shot within Europe this summer cannot simply go abroad. Furthermore, booster shots are not offered to young people in every country. Therefore, all those people would then have to be tested to obtain a valid QR code. 

Choose certainty 

So if you want to be sure that you are allowed on a flight to your holiday destination, it is best to have yourself tested. Even if you have been vaccinated and/or boosted, are you sure your QR code is still valid? It is possible that your last vaccination or booster was placed too long ago. 

You will usually find your way in your own country. However, what about if you are on holiday in Spain and your return trip is approaching? What if you get a runny nose or sore throat during your vacation? Will you want to know whether you happen to be infected or not? 

English language test street near your holiday address in Spain 

If you already know in advance where to go for a corona test (PCR or antigen test), you can go on holiday with more peace of mind. Especially if you know that there is an English-language test street near your holiday address in Spain. That is why there is now good news for those who have booked a holiday to the Spanish east coast or for those who already live in the area of ​​Costa Blanca or Barcelona or are staying for a longer period. 

English-language test streets were a great success last year 

From now on you can already have yourself tested in such an international test street in Barcelona. Test streets will also open at various locations on the Costa Blanca from April. They are from the Dutch company Testcoronadirect.com. Last summer, thousands of vacationers and others had themselves tested at one of their locations. The test streets were located in Benidorm and Jávea. 

European approved DCCs 

In the coming season, Testcoronadirect.com will expand and, in addition to Benidorm, will also open test streets on the Costa Blanca in Benidorm, Albir, Altea, Calpe, and Jávea. All test certificates issued here are European approved DCCs (Digital Corona Certificate). With such a valid QR code from Testcoronadirect.com, you can be sure that you can board your flight elsewhere. 

PCR or antigen test result within 15 minutes 

At the test locations of Testcoronadirect.com in Spain, you can get the results of a PCR test within 15 minutes. The test results are shared with the customer via text or email within 15 minutes. All privacy-sensitive data is processed by GDPR guidelines. 

Testcoronadirect is very large in the Netherlands and therefore has a lot of experience with testing and certificates and works with the most advanced technologies in collaboration with renowned labs. 

How does it work? 

After arrival at Test Corona Direct, the multilingual employees will take the test from you. With both an antigen test (Rapid test) and a PCR test, you will receive the result by e-mail or text message after about 15 minutes. If the test result is negative, you will receive the travel certificate by email at the same time as the result. 

For more information, visit Test Corona Direct


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