Uproar in Spain: Ex-brother-in-law of Queen Letizia shocks Spain with explosive revelation

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MADRID – Jaime Del Burgo, businessman and former brother-in-law of Queen Letizia, has caused a stir in Spain with his recent claims of an affair with the queen.

This explosive claim has been received with surprise and disbelief in the country. A controversial photo of Queen Letizia, in which she wears a black scarf, was shared by Del Burgo on X, formerly Twitter. He claims that this scarf is his and that this would prove their intimate relationship. To this photo, he added a message allegedly from Letizia, in which she expresses her feelings for him. According to some Spanish media, Letizia was also pregnant with Crown Princess Leonor at the time she took the selfie.

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Revelations in upcoming book

In his recently published book ‘Letizia & yo’, Del Burgo reveals that he had a relationship with her not only before Letizia’s marriage to King Felipe but also afterward. Her sister’s ex-husband Telma Ortiz describes how he met Letizia in 2000 and started a relationship with her. And then, how this relationship continued even after she met Felipe.

Dramatic meeting before marriage

Del Burgo describes a dramatic meeting with Letizia the night before her wedding, during which she allegedly begged him never to leave her. He claims that Letizia had considered divorcing the king to live with him in New York and that they even wanted to have children.

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Massive reaction on social media

Del Burgo’s claims and the published photo have sparked much speculation and debate. The photo was viewed more than 12 million times and caused such a stir that Del Burgo deleted his social media account. To date, the Spanish royal family has not responded to these accusations.

On Instagram, Actress Bárbara Goenaga expressed her support for Letizia and criticised del Burgo’s comments on Instagram. “I’ve just read terrible things about this woman. And you can be a monarchist or a republican… What you can’t be is so absolutely asshole and sexist. And if we remain silent, we are complicit. And then we will speak about spiritual health… I will always be in front of them,” can be read in her message, which ends with “So I have only one thing to say: Long live Letizia,” followed by a purple heart.

Who is Jaime del Burgo

Jaime Arturo del Burgo Azpiroz is son of Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, former president of the autonomous community of Navarra. He returned to the spotlight through his revelations in veteran reporter Jaime Peñafiel’s latest book, entitled ‘Letizia y yo. ¿Qué secretos oculta la reina Letizia?’ (Letizia and I. What secrets is Letizia hiding?).

Jaime del Burgo, currently living in Switzerland, also recently made the news in Spain for his conspiracy theories involving Moncloa and Zarzuela. He is also known for his relationship with Lucía Díaz Liljestrom, a Swedish lawyer, with whom he has a daughter. Del Burgo is a businessman and investor involved in real estate, security and gourmet products. He has lived in several countries including Morocco, South Africa, Brazil


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