UK in top three for visitor numbers and tourism spending in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
tourism spending in Barcelona

MADRID – Germany ranks first when it comes to tourism spending. They spent more than €6 billion together in Spain last year. This makes them good for 17.3% of the total expenditure of foreign tourists.  

This is according to figures published by Turespaña, the Spanish Institute of Tourism. In terms of expenditure, Germany is followed by the United Kingdom (13.7%) and France (12.7%). France also remains the largest supplier of tourists (18.7% of the total), followed by Germany (16.7%) in second place. The United Kingdom has fallen one place and is now in third position (13.8%). 

Which countries showed the most growth in tourism spending? 

Looking at the growth in terms of expenditure, Austria (+158.9%), Switzerland (+153%), and Germany (+129.4%) top the list. Belgium (61%), France (58%), and the Netherlands (55%) showed the largest recovery compared to the level of 2019. 

At the other end of the spectrum, with declines from 2020, is Korea (-77.7%), China (-62.8%), and Japan (-55.7%). Russia showed growth (+13.1%). 

Biggest increase in number of tourists 

Austria (+154.6%), Switzerland (+138.1%), and Denmark (125.2%) are the countries that, in terms of numbers of tourists, showed the largest growth in the numbers of travellers to Spain in 2021 compared to 2020. 

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The countries with the largest recovery compared to 2019 are Poland (60%), Belgium (58%), and the Netherlands (55%). China (-78.2%), Japan (-74%), Korea (-69%), and Russia (-14.1%), on the other hand, showed a decrease compared to 2020. This is mainly due to ongoing measures and travel restrictions. Compared to 2019, this is a drop of 4%, 4%, 6% and 10% respectively. 

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