UK green list for tourists to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Green list

MADRID – Today the UK published their revised green list of countries that people from Great Britain may travel to without having to quarantine on return home.

As reported earlier, Northern Ireland published their list of countries deemed safe to travel to for Brits. It was expected that some if not all the United Kingdom would follow suit.

However, it was good news for the Balearics, but not so for other parts of Spain which remain on amber.

Three-week review

Following the three-week review of restrictions on international travel, the UK have come together and agreed the same countries to be added to the green list.  This includes the Balearic Islands.

Watch list

Within the UK, each country has compiled a “watch list” of countries currently on the green list.  This is to hopefully prevent the situation that happened in Portugal when it was suddenly withdrawn from the list.  Therefore, it should ensure there is some warning if a country is being moved to amber.

Cogesa Expats

To be monitored

Scotland have said the Balearic Islands will be monitored. As such, there will be close monitoring of the Balearics over the next three weeks ahead of the review point. Futhermore, we reported earlier on new corona cases from Spanish students returning from holiday in Mallorca.

The new green list takes effect from 4am on Wednesday June 30.

Is UK welcome in EU?

However, while the UK have been compiling the list of countries to be added to their green list, the EU has been monitoring the number of new cases within the United Kingdom.

As such, today Mrs Merkel called for a more co-ordinated EU response. She said all member states should quarantine arrivals from the UK. Futhermore, they should consider the dangers of the spread of Delta and Delta Plus variants. Her warning came as EU health officials said the variant would account for 90% of EU’s cases by late August.

New cases

The UK has reported 16,703 new Covid-19 cases and another 21 coronavirus-related deaths in the latest 24-hour period, according to government data. The infection rate in certain parts of the UK is steadily rising. This is the second day in a row where cases have been over 16,000. Due to the recent increase in new corona infections, the EU is calling for visitors from the UK to be placed in quarantine on arrival.

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