Covid-19 outbreak after students holiday in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
Covid-19 outbreak as students return from holiday

MADRID – Spanish regions face a massive Covid-19 outbreak after students in Mallorca celebrated being admitted to university. To date, four Spanish regions report 344 corona cases and hundreds of families are in quarantine. 

So far, the Spanish regions of Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and the Basque Country have reported a major Covid-19 outbreak. This follows students who returned from a week’s holiday in Mallorca. Spanish students, who passed their university entrance exams, have been partying on the Spanish island in recent weeks. However, it seems not without consequences… 

Largest outbreak among students in Madrid 

Health authorities of the autonomous regions confirmed to Spanish news site La Sexta 344 people have tested positive to date. Already there are 452 families in quarantine in Madrid alone. The Madrid regional health minister reports most students have been diagnosed with the British variant of the virus. However, a few have also been infected with the delta variant from India. 

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The Basque Country, Valencia and Murcia also report positive tests 

The Department of Health in the Basque Country announced that 49 students are infected after a holiday in Mallorca. The regional ministry of Valencia also reports a Covid-19 outbreak among 32 students after they took a holiday on the Spanish island between 12-18 June. In the Murcia area, 18 students also tested positive after a holiday in Mallorca.

Young people celebrating in Mallorca difficult to control 

In Mallorca, nightclubs are still closed and young people in particular gather in the streets to drink (botellón) and party together. Municipal authorities in Mallorca previously told local media that it is difficult to control these young people to ensure they comply with the corona measures. 

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