Turbulent weather in Malaga, rising temperatures in the Balearic Islands

by Lorraine Williamson
turbulent weather

Last night, Malaga experienced turbulent weather. The weather phenomenon DANA caused severe thunderstorms and rain. The Spanish weather service also predicts unstable weather for Thursday, June 27. In contrast, temperatures are rising in the Balearic Islands.

DANA is causing varying weather conditions across Spain. Parts of Andalucia, in particular, are experiencing erratic weather. It is unusually turbulent for this time of year, and various parts of southern Spain are expected to see more rain, wind, and hail.

Weather warning for Andalucia

Initially, the warning in Andalucia was only for Ronda and Antequera, but the Spanish Meteorological Agency AEMET has extended its warning to the entire province of Malaga. The warning has since been lifted for Thursday, June 27.

Last night, heavy rain already fell on the Costa del Sol and its hinterland. El Torcal near Antequera saw significant rainfall. A large part of the province of Malaga also experienced thunderstorms. With the changing weather, temperatures in the south are dropping.

Local heavy rain and thunderstorms

The northwestern interior of Spain and possibly parts of northern Spain may also face rain and hail. Other regions in central Spain and the Ebro Valley, on the other hand, can expect high temperatures.

Spain remains under the influence of DANA, which will cause unusual weather conditions. While not all parts of Spain will be affected by this weather phenomenon, Andalucia, in particular, should brace for rainfall and locally severe thunderstorms. In the Canary Islands, mainly clouds are expected in the northeast, with a chance of light rain. In the far north of Spain, hail can locally occur in the mountains.

Atypical start to summer

With the unstable weather, Spain is experiencing an atypical start to the summer. Although it is not entirely unusual for it to rain at this time of year, it has been rare in recent years. Meteorologists are closely monitoring the developments.

The most recent comparable situation was on June 14, 1974. At that time, Spain was also under the influence of DANA, and Malaga city saw 74 ml/h of rain. With the unusual weather for this time of year, the Spanish weather service has issued a national warning due to the risk of “severe thunderstorms” with rain and hail, affecting parts of the peninsula.

The rainfall at this time of year is not only causing inconvenience. The water is a welcome addition to the low water levels in the reservoirs in Andalucia.

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