Netflix has scored a hit with a new Spanish thriller series

by Lorraine Williamson
Netflix series

The summer has just begun and Netflix appears to have a massive hit on its hands in Spain with a new series. The streaming platform recently released the new narco-series Clanes. The series is resonating with audiences and is currently number 1 in the Spanish top 10 most-watched series on the platform.

Lawyer falls in love with drug criminal

The story of Clanes begins in the Canary Islands but mainly takes place in Galicia. Some scenes were also filmed in Gibraltar, Algeciras, and Madrid. The series follows the life of Ana, played by the talented Clara Lago. The actress portrays a lawyer who decides to give up her career in Madrid to infiltrate a dangerous drug cartel in Galicia. She has one clear goal in mind: to avenge her father’s death, who was murdered by this criminal organisation.

As Ana delves deeper into the dark world of drug trafficking, she faces extreme situations and makes decisions that endanger her life and those around her. To uncover the truth about her father, she moves to Galicia. There, she meets Daniel (played by Tamar Novas), the leader of the Padín clan, a family involved in drug trafficking.

Netflix based series on true events

The new Spanish hit series on Netflix is inspired by the real lives of promising lawyer Tania Varela and David Pérez Lago, the son of a notorious drug criminal. Their relationship and criminal activities were closely followed by the media. David had been involved in illegal activities since 1999. He introduced Tania to the world of drug trafficking and crime.

After a failed operation in 2006, where David tried to smuggle two tons of cocaine along the Costa da Morte, he ended up in prison along with Tania. In 2013, Tania was convicted of money laundering in connection with drug trafficking. She chose to flee instead of serving her sentence, making her one of Spain’s most wanted fugitives. In 2018, she was arrested in Sitges, where she had been living under a false name.

Stunning views of Galicia

Clanes is largely filmed in Galicia, in the Rías Baixas, particularly in the Ría de Arousa. The setting boasts impressive landscapes that beautifully capture the authentic Galician atmosphere, complete with its iconic mussel farms.

The central location in the series is the village of Cambados, where Ana moves to conduct her investigation. Although some scenes were filmed in Malpica de Bergantiños, the series vividly portrays this picturesque Galician village. Besides Galicia, parts of the story also unfold in other regions, including the former Maxorata (Fuerteventura), Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Algeciras, and Gibraltar.

Netflix’s latest hit has it all

Clanes promises to be one of the most thrilling releases of the Spanish summer. With a Spanish star cast and a plot based on true events, this series not only offers a glimpse into the dark world of drug trafficking but also highlights the complex humanity behind the crimes. Additionally, viewers can enjoy the truly stunning landscapes of Galicia while watching.

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