Tunnel from Spain to Morocco must be ready for the 2030 World Cup

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Spain Morocco tunnel in Gibraltar Strait

Spain and Morocco have renewed their cooperation for the construction of a tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar. The ambitious project should directly connect Africa and Europe.

This project is particularly relevant in the run-up to the 2030 Football World Cup, which will be jointly hosted by Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The idea is that the undersea tunnel will connect the most populous Moroccan city, Casablanca, with the Spanish capital, Madrid,

From car tunnel to railway tunnel

In a recent development, both countries decided to change the initial plans for a road tunnel to a railway tunnel. This decision was made in anticipation of future traffic pressure and growing freight traffic in the region, which could lead to congestion during peak hours.

Focus on high-speed trains

The new railway tunnel will not only facilitate the transport of vehicles and freight, but also enable the use of high-speed trains. Óscar Puente, the Spanish Minister of Transport, emphasised during a visit to Morocco the interest of Spanish companies in contributing to this groundbreaking project.

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Technical details of the project

The planned tunnel will have a total length of 38.7 km, of which 27.8 km is underwater. This will connect two railway terminals. Both tunnels are 42 km apart. The tunnel is designed to transport thousands of passengers and tons of goods every day. This will contribute significantly to facilitating mobility between the two continents.

Continuation of the project

Last March, the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, visited Morocco to take a closer look at infrastructure and transport plans in Rabat. During his visit, Óscar Puente highlighted the progress of the plan. Both countries have yet to determine the exact date for the next meeting. There they will discuss the progress of the project. Both countries have indicated they want to accelerate the studies on the tunnel that have been going on for forty years, in order to speed up its realisation.

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