Use your holiday home in Spain as a gateway to the most beautiful places on earth

by Lorraine Williamson
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MARBELLA – Since the corona pandemic, interest in quietly located and luxurious holiday homes has increased significantly. Consequently, travellers prefer their private atmosphere to spaces they have to share with strangers. Therefore, what could be more perfect than enjoying a holiday in an exclusive villa for relatively little cost?

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Would you like to stay in a lavish holiday home in a beautiful location somewhere on our beautiful planet for a very friendly price? That might sound impossible, but it is possible! THIRDHOME, a luxury travel community, offers people who own one or more homes in which they do not live permanently, the opportunity to participate in a home exchange with like-minded people. 

Their members are jet-setters to retirees and everyone in between. This new concept of home exchange is internationally established and recently opened an office in Marbella. Based in southern Spain, the international office for THIRDHOME manages the exclusive community throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Get use out of your house in Spain when you are not there 

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Ivo Haagen, Vice President EMEA for THIRDHOME says: “Home swapping is an excellent way to make better use of your periodically vacant second, third or fourth home. You deposit the time that you do not rent out or during which you normally do not stay in your house in The Club. The more time you make available, the more travel credits (Keys) you earn. Those Keys allow you to stay anywhere on earth in an exclusive home for very accessible prices. This way you save thousands of euros on your holiday home costs. And, at the same time, you can still enjoy a very relaxed and luxurious holiday in the most paradisiacal locations.

But don´t take the word ‘exchange’ too literally, because it is not about a one-to-one exchange. You can choose the time and location that you desire, regardless who is staying in your house. All members have to meet very strict criteria before they can join The Club. Therefore they can entrust their unique property to other members with peace of mind. Furthermore, the main goal of THIRDHOME is to safe thousands of dollars on luxury to travel for their clients”. 

Avoid Covid rules and don’t compromise on luxury 

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The most important aspect of this home exchange concept is you as a homeowner do not have to compromise on the luxury, privacy, or the kind of ambiance you are used to. In these strange pandemic times, you can avoid the circumstances which make it more difficult to rent a nice hotel or an idyllic holiday villa that suits you. Moreover, with a flexible home swap, you do not have to comply with strict Covid rules imposed by mainstream hotels and holiday resorts. This way you prevent stressful situations. And stress is the last thing you want during your well-deserved vacation.

From chic city trips to charming country villas 

Charo van Hulst, Partner Engagement THIRDHOME explains: “Through THIRDHOME you can choose from no less than 1,700 destinations. These include numerous regions with a rich cultural history, access to breath-taking nature reserves, and challenging golf courses. Moreover, the gastronomic offer is usually very diverse, so you can get acquainted with everything your destination has to offer culinary.  

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In Spain, members mainly offer their properties in the popular regions around Marbella, Malaga, and Estepona in the south, Ibiza and Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, and the Costa Brava. From chic city breaks to charming country villas and everything in between, THIRDHOME offers an excellent opportunity to discover the world”. 

Your second home opens the doors to countless other houses 

THIRDHOME is a “global community for like-minded homeowners”. The mission of The Club is to provide members with unforgettable luxury stays in original destinations for a fraction of the price that they normally would pay. THIRDHOME is therefore always looking for new homeowners with holiday homes in beautiful locations.

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So, open the doors of countless other houses within The Club with your second home to experience a completely new way of traveling. In addition to home exchange, THIRDHOME also offers complete travel experiences with the tailor-made THIRDHOME holidays.

Saving $10,000?

Click here to find out how readers interested in joining THIRDHOME with their (second) home in Spain can save as much as $10,000!

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