Holiday home of the future arrives in Málaga

by Lorraine Williamson
holiday home of the future

MáLAGA – The holiday home of the future was presented during the Vitur Summit, the holiday rental fair in Málaga. It is intelligent, has flood and noise sensors, a digital lock, and a presence simulator. 

In addition, even the smallest detail can be controlled from the mobile phone. A full-size replica of the holiday home was on display in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos. The structure integrates technology and home automation products such as a flood sensor to detect a water leak and protect the bathroom and kitchen and cut off the supply automatically; monitoring of energy consumption or a sound sensor so as not to exceed the allowable number of decibels. 

The holiday home of the future also has a digital lock that sends temporary keys to guests via mobile phone. A presence simulator learns and reproduces the habits of the past two weeks. This makes it appear as if there are people in the home to prevent break-ins or possible squatters’ occupation. 

Important sector for the province 

Vitur Summit, which celebrates its sixth edition this year, is a professional gathering addressing the challenges of a sector that generates more than €1.2 billion annually in Andalucia. 

The association AVVA, which represents the sector and is the main driving force behind the fair, emphasises that the sector is a “fundamental revitalising pillar of tourism” and of the economy of the region.  And in fact, 50% of all accommodation places in the regional tourist apartments and holiday houses. Together, this will create 15,100 direct, 9,500 indirect jobs and keep 8,400 self-employed people in work. 

What will the tourist home of the future look like? 

Some of the technological applications of the tourist home of the future presented in Malaga are: 

Flood Sensor: Protects the apartment’s bathroom and kitchen from flooding with an accurate wireless water leak detector. This also prevents damage by automatically shutting off the supply to stop the leak. 

Monitoring of water and electricity consumption: It makes it possible to control the water consumption in the apartment and reduce unnecessary costs by providing its visualisation in the APP. 

It also improves the energy efficiency of the home by reporting and optimizing the apartment’s energy consumption by zone. 

General lighting sensor: Control the intensity of the lights, turn them on and off from the APP. It also checks if all of them are turned off when the vacationer leaves. Moreover, it can simulate presence to make it look like people are there. 

Remote management of air conditioning: Control heating, cooling, and ventilation remotely from the APP. It divides into zones to obtain the optimal temperature in each room. 

Digital entrances: Send temporary digital keys to guests via mobile phone. Therefore you can open and close without keys and receive information about all entrances and exits in the APP. 

Door sensor: Accurately detects every door that is opened or closed and controls the security of the tourist apartment at any time and place. 

Smoke sensor: With a built-in siren, it immediately warns your mobile phone via the APP if a smoke source is detected. 

Sound sensor: Lets you know at any time if the set sound levels are exceeded in the apartment, then sends a notification to the mobile phone. 

Wireless Outdoor Video Surveillance Camera: Located in front of the apartment’s main entrance, it provides real-time footage of everything happening. Furthermore, this can then be viewed and recorded from within the APP. 

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