No one lives here: the girl from the attic of ‘Once upon a scary story’ reappears 18 years later

by Deborah Cater
Once upon a scary story

One of the most memorable series in the history of Spanish television; the charismatic neighbours of Desengaño 21 came into Spanish homes in 2003. Now the series is on Netflix. In ‘Once upon a scary story’, the neighbours believe there’s a spirit in the building.

As Halloween approaches, many will remember one of the first episodes of the series: Once upon a scary story. It was the ninth chapter of the first season. The residents of the building live their own horror story. The protagonist? A girl who is mistaken for a spirit that died in the early 20th century in the building.

Actress recreates scenes on TikTok

The girl, who was really the daughter of Armando (Concha’s son), was played by the very young actress Elisa Drabben.

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Now, 18 years later, Elisa has once again stepped into the shoes of Rebeca Rubio. She has done it through TikTok, where she has recreated one of the scenes no one lives here. In addition, the actress has added a detail that we did not know: she brought something from home as part of the props.

“That was my real backpack for school and if you push me, the boots and the coat too. A baby voice and a very cute girl, the truth is what we have left, a lady getting up early on a Sunday. Happy almost Halloween ”, the actress wrote next to the video.

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