Traffic drones for road safety

by Lorraine Williamson
traffic drones -

As part of the ongoing road safety campaign, the DGT advise they are using drones. Therefore, this will help support the surveillance, control, and management of traffic on the roads.

According to the DGT, improper or excessive speed on the roads is a contributing factor of one in three fatal road accidents in Spain. Although there has been an increase in the installation of speed control radars throughout Spain, the country is still way behind others including Britain, France, and Belgium. However, there are also helicopters equipped with Pegasus radar equipment. Furthermore, drones are also being used, and they have a radius of action of 500 metres, and they are equipped with a high-definition camera.

traffic drone system


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Traffic drones

The DGT launched a new ally in August 2019 to report traffic violations: a fleet of drones. These devices can fly at a height of 120 metres and at a speed of up to 80 km/h. Furthermore, they have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Moreover, they are controlled remotely.

The drones fly over a designated area with their high-definition camera. The operator of the drone receives the images immediately onto a screen.  These images are then sent directly to the relevant management centre in the area, to process the fine.

Spanish Grand Prix

A special surveillance operation will be carried out around the time of the Spanish Grand Prix. This will take place towards the end of this month. It is hoped that with increased awareness, drivers will take note and comply with the speed limits and other road safety precautions. 

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