Tourists in Ibiza come face to face with an impressive giant jellyfish

by Lorraine Williamson
giant jellyfish

IBIZA – A group of tourists got the surprise of their lives during a paddle surfing excursion in Ibiza. It started as an ordinary trip along the northern coast of the island but turned into an extraordinary encounter with a giant jellyfish.

The group came across a giant jellyfish weighing about 40 kilograms. Experts have determined that the jellyfish belongs to the Rhizostoma pulmo species, also known as cauliflower jellyfish or sea mushroom. Both the tourists and the instructors were impressed by the sheer size of the jellyfish. Despite its imposing size and impressive appearance, the group decided to enter the water for a closer look. 

“Amazing experience” 

“It was an amazing experience. At first, we were shocked by the size of the jellyfish, but soon we realised it was a unique opportunity to come into contact with such a creature. We see a lot of jellyfish every season, but it is the first time we have come across one of this size, far from a school of its kind,” said Germán García, head of the Sup Ibiza company that organised the excursion. 

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The instructors made sure the tourists were safe as they swam near the jellyfish. They provided information about the species and the precautions for handling this animal. However, the stings of the jellyfish are not particularly painful or dangerous and no incidents have been reported. 

The importance of respect for marine life emphasised 

This rare encounter with a jellyfish of this size became the talk of the town on the island, drawing the attention of locals and tourists alike. On excursions like the group’s, such interactions with nature and marine life are an exciting and enriching part. The company once again emphasised in the Spanish media the importance of respecting and protecting the marine ecosystem and marine life. Click here for a photo gallery in Diario de Mallorca. 

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