AI deployed for jellyfish and ‘nata’ detection on the Costa del Sol

by Lorraine Williamson
Jellyfish AI

MALAGA – For this summer season, coastal researchers predict that it will not be too bad with jellyfish on the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Furthermore, the quality of the water and sand on the beaches is “excellent”. 

The beach season in Malaga started on June 15th. Until September 15, rescue and emergency services, maintenance, cleaning, and removal of floating debris, showers and parks are operational. 

However, many beachgoers are afraid of jellyfish in the water. That is why researchers from Coastal Sciences at the University of Malaga have announced that they are working with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the arrival of jellyfish to the coast as early as possible. That AI is applied in the Costasoleando app and on the website. 

Few jellyfish this year? 

Whether or not the prediction of few jellyfish comes true still largely depends on whether or not the vortex of the Atlantic current will close. This is responsible for transporting the jellyfish to the Costa del Sol. 

The experts also said in Malaga Hoy that when jellyfish reach Malaga, lifeguards are immediately aware and know how to act. “If the jellyfish arrive at Rincón, they will be in Málaga the next day. This knowledge enables the lifeguards to be vigilant and warn the swimmers”. Therefore, in the event of a large swarm of jellyfish on the Costa del Sol, lifeguards can “temporarily” close the beach if necessary. 

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Four boats to remove floating debris 

As for floating waste, including the so-called ‘nata’ (whipped cream) formed by a brown greasy layer on the water, there will be four boats this summer to remove it. Information will also be provided on this. Then the authorities know which beaches have a greater chance of floating waste so that they can send the boats in time. 

In Malaga city, more than 500 people will work during the summer period to maintain the city’s beaches and ensure the safety of beachgoers, said Teresa Porras, Acting Councilor for Beaches of the Municipality of Málaga. 

The 140 showers and 45-foot washes will be available 24 hours a day during these months. Furthermore, so far there are no water restrictions due to the drought. 

Guided swimming 

The three points for supervised swimming are located on the beaches of La Malagueta, El Dedo in El Palo and Misericordia. To use this service, an appointment must be made by calling +34 621193831. The staff offer guidance and assistance with swimming, reserved parking for people with reduced mobility, accessible changing rooms and toilets, guard posts and rescue services, concrete walkways to the waterfront and accessible outdoor showers. 

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