Tourism Spain records best figures in four years

by Lorraine Williamson
tourism in Spain

Finally we can speak of a stabilisation of tourism in Spain. In 2022, the Spanish hotel sector showed the best booking figures of the past 4 years. Although Spaniards still book short in advance, they also appear to have regained their wanderlust. 

According to SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index, which analyses figures from more than 3,500 hotels in Spain, the Spanish hotel sector will close 2022 with its best tourism figures since 2019. Bookings are currently 123% above 2019 figures (pre-pandemic booking numbers). 

Spain transcends other popular holiday countries 

The World Hotel Index not only looks at the results of hotels in Spain, but of almost all countries in the world. For example, the tourism sector in Spain appears to be well above the average global increase of 101.66%. The Spanish hotel sector also outperforms other popular countries such as Portugal (up 121.2%) and the United Kingdom (up 108%). 

Cogesa Expats

When looking at all Spanish hotel bookings, it turns out that just over half of the travellers come from Spain itself. This, according to SiteMinder, is a sign of the renewed interest in enjoying holidays again after years of a pandemic. 

Spain wanted to usher in 2023 

However, the trend of booking at the last minute does not seem to change for the time being. Many Spaniards still postpone their bookings to the last. Moreover, 60% of the bookings are only made two weeks prior to departure. In addition, one in five bookings is currently being made for a trip between December 28 and January 10. This is a popular time for the Spaniards to get out and about. 

In an earlier article, Spain also turned out to be a favourite during New Year’s Eve. According to, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Barcelona, Málaga, Madrid and Tenerife are among the most searched destinations for this period. 

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