Tobacco prices in Spain: September 2023 update

by Lorraine Williamson
tobacco prices

MADRID – The Spanish Official State Gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado, BOE) published the new price list for various tobacco products last week. The new prices took effect from Saturday, September 16. 

The prices have been determined according to a resolution by the Chair of the Commission for the Tobacco Market and have been established in accordance with Law 13/1998. As of this past weekend, the new prices are applicable in all tobacco shops on mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. 

The price changes affect a wide range of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Some notable brands adjusting their prices include Maya Virginia, Holster Miss Joosy, and Mac Baren Mixture. 

Earlier this year, prices for popular brands like Fortuna, Ducados, and Nobel already increased. These hikes followed previous price increases for other well-known brands like Marlboro, L&M, Philip Morris, and Chesterfield. Last week, there were also price increases for brands such as Camel, WTF!, EIROA, Amsterdamer, Django, and Fleur. 

Experts advocate for doubling tobacco prices 

Experts in the fight against tobacco are advocating for the price of cigarette packs to be doubled in the short term due to the health risks this entails. In 2022, more than two million packs of cigarettes were sold in Spain. Smoking remains significantly cheaper in Spain compared to France, where the product’s price is twice as high. 

The new prices can now be found on the official BOE website and will be displayed in all tobacco shops. 

Peninsula and Balearic Islands 

A) Rolling Tobacco

Euros per unit :

Maya Original (30 g): €4.95

Maya Virginia (30 g): €4.95

B) Pipe Tobacco

Euros per unit:

Capstan Gold Navy Cut (50 g): €8.90

Capstan Original Navy Cut (50 g): €8.90

Holster Iz Kactuz (975 g): €67.00 

Baycrest Wealth

Holster Miss Joosy (975 g): €67.00 

Holster Qumi Punch (975 g): €67.00 

Mac Baren Classic Loose Cut (100 g): €14.00 

Mac Baren HH Vintage Latakia (100 g): €14.00 

Mac Baren Mixture (100 g): €14.00

Mac Baren Original Choice (100 g): €14.00

Mac Baren Virginia Flake (50 g): €8.90

Nameless #40 Black Nana (955 g): €67.90

Street Smoke Mic Drop (50 g): €3.80

Ceuta and Melilla 

A) Pipe Tobacco

Euros per unit :

Nameless #40 Black Nana (955 g): €55.95

Street Smoke Mic Drop (50 g): €3.20

Click here for the full list in BOE.


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