This Spanish city rises to sixth place in the ranking of “World’s Best Cities”

by Lorraine Williamson
The Spanich city of Barcelona

The Spanish city of Barcelona has risen from ninth to sixth place in the “World’s Best Cities” 2023 ranking of urban destinations. Barcelona ranks behind London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Dubai, and ahead of Rome, Madrid, Singapore and Amsterdam.  

The ranking of urban destinations is compiled by global consulting firm Resonance. The list includes 100 cities. 

Top Spanish city

Barcelona’s city council announced the results in a statement on Sunday. It named the city’s strengths, highlighting the following;

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  • commitment to green growth
  • commitment to being a greener and more people-friendly city
  • the climate
  • its desire for more beaches and parks
  • architecture
  • liveability of its neighbourhoods

The report explains that visitor numbers are gradually recovering after the pandemic for the Spanish city. It also mentions regulations to control the rental of tourist accommodation and prevent the depletion of property supply, the city government said. 

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