This region has the least water reserve and is now even drier than Catalonia

by Lorraine Williamson
water reserve

The state of Spain’s water reservoirs is about the same as last week’s. Four cubic hectometres have been added in the past seven days. That represents a very small increase of 0.01%. However, Catalonia is no longer the region with the lowest water level in the reservoirs.

Spain’s water reserve stands at 66.3%, according to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (Miteco). Specifically, the water reservoirs currently store 37,153 cubic hectometres, about ten thousand more than a year ago. At that time, they contained 27,033 cubic hectometres, which was 48% of their capacity.

Prolonged drought

The region of Murcia has been hit by a long period of drought. Moreover, the Segura basin has 276 cubic hectometres of water, only 24.21% of its capacity. This is the lowest level, which puts it in last place behind the internal basins of Catalonia. There, the reserves have increased thanks to the rains in May. They are now at 25.5% of their capacity.

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Increase in water in catchment areas

The river basins with the greatest increase in water are those of the Duero, with 91.77% of their capacity and a variation of 0.34%. This is followed by Western Cantabria. (89.90%), the Miño-Sil (88.48%), Galicia Costa (86.26%) and Tinto, Odiel and Piedras (84.28%).

Status of reservoirs by autonomous community

In total, the Region of Murcia has occupied 27.03% of its capacity, giving it the lowest water reserve in Spain. This is followed by the Valencian Community (42.79%), Andalucia (43.48%) and Cantabria (46.09%). On the other hand, the regions with the best water reserves are Navarre with 92.15%, Castile and León with 91.50% and Asturias with 90.79% capacity.

Status of water reservoirs by province

Furthermore, Valladolid is the only province where 100% of the capacity is filled with water. In eight regions, more than 90% of capacity has been reached. They are Salamanca (94.39%), La Coruña (94.15%), León (93.4%), Navarra (92.15%), Cáceres (92.12%), Lugo (91.4%), Segovia (90.80%) and Asturias (90.79%), Alarming is the situation in Almería, where, as last week, less than 10% of capacity is reached (8.48%). Alicante (21%), Barcelona (23%), Albacete (24%), Castellón (24%), Girona (24%), Murcia (27%) and Málaga (28%) follow.

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