Spain demands public apology after hurtful statements by Argentine Prime Minister Milei

by Lorraine Williamson
public apology demanded from Javier Milei

Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, has summoned the ambassador to Spain, Roberto Bosch, to the ministry’s headquarters. Spain wants an apology from Argentina’s leader, Javier Milei. Relations with Argentina are strained.

The foreign minister’s statements come a day after he recalled the Spanish ambassador to Argentina. This happened after Milei accused the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez of “corruption” in Madrid. Milei was one of the speakers at the event organised by Vox in the run-up to the European Parliament elections.

Far-right leaders

The meeting in Madrid was also attended by far-right leaders such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French politician Marine Le Pen. The event focused on the European Parliament elections from 6 to 9 June. According to Vox, some 11,000 people attended the event. Polls indicate that the far right will win big in those elections.

In addition to his offending statement about the wife of Prime Minister Sánchez, Milei called on the public to unite “against socialism”. “Let’s not give in to socialism. Let’s face it with more courage,” Milei said, among other things. “We have nothing to fear, for victory does not depend on the number of soldiers, but on the forces that come from heaven.”

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Public apology

As Albares explained in an interview on La1, which was picked up by Europa Press, he will receive the Argentine ambassador “in person”. In cases like this, it is customary for another senior official of the ministry to do so. Albares is demanding a public apology.

“On Monday morning, I summoned the Argentine ambassador (Javier Bosch) and I will convey to him my demand for a public apology from Javier Milei. We are waiting for these apologies. If they don’t come, we will act accordingly,” the head of Spanish diplomacy said.

On the other hand, Albares admitted that if Milei’s statements had taken place in Buenos Aires and not in Madrid during the event organised by Vox, “of course there would have been a reaction. But, because it happened in Spain, it is extremely serious. Albares also emphasised that Milei will not visit Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez or King Felipe during his visit to Spain. This is common when a foreign leader visits the country, especially if it is the first visit.

Relations with Argentina under pressure

In an earlier interview on Cadena Ser, the minister hinted that relations with Argentina could be severed if Milei does not apologise. Albares calls Milei’s words an “attack” and “interference” in Spain’s internal politics. Milei was referring to Sánchez’s family circle at an event organised by Vox on Sunday in Madrid. “It is unacceptable that a sitting president visiting Spain insults the country and the Spanish prime minister,” he further said. “

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