The UK will probably qualify the Canary Islands on the ‘green list’

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Lanzarote of the Canary Islands on the 'green list' possibly, say UK government sources

LONDON – The United Kingdom wants to place the Canary Islands on the ‘green list’ of countries to which the British will be allowed to travel. The British government is currently working on a traffic light system.

The green list is not expected to include more than twelve countries. Sources from the British government hinted Portugal, Malta, some Greek islands, countries in Northern Europe and the Canary Islands are on the ‘green list’. Experts will provide their final advice to the UK government on Wednesday. The list will be officially published later this week.

The whole of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, is not yet on the list of countries to which Brits can travel safely. The blanket ban on travel abroad is expected to be lifted by Boris Johnson’s government on May 17.

UK has its own traffic light system

The United Kingdom is not only busy compiling the ‘green list’, but wants to introduce its own traffic light system. The system will inform British citizens which countries they can travel to. It also clarifies any measures which apply to that trip. Countries are divided into red, orange and green categories based on the epidemiological situation.

There are different measures travellers must abide by for each category. If people return from a ‘green country’, then there is no quarantine obligation. However, travellers returning from ‘orange countries’ must quarantine for a minimum of five days upon arrival.

In principle, travelling from ‘red countries’ will not be possible, unless it concerns a necessary journey. When returning home from a red country, travellers are quarantined for ten days in a government-approved residence. The costs, which amount to a little more than €2,000, must be paid by the traveller.

Canary Islands ready for British tourists

Shortly after the leak, Spanish and British media wrote Lanzarote’s tourist industry is opening its doors wide to British tourists and are ready to receive them safely.

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