Hospitality Valencia refuses to play a police officer

by Lorraine Williamson
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VALENCIA – After the state of alarm has expired on May 9, the terraces may open again in Valencia. While this should be good news, the Valencian hospitality industry is concerned about safety and control when visiting the terraces. 

The hospitality industry in Valencia is eager to be ready for guests again. But it is still quite reserved, writes the Spanish news site Las Provincias on May 4. This is because the industry is concerned regarding the behaviour of their guests and the rules they must adhere to. The sector wants to achieve the perfect balance between safety and control of people on the terraces. When finally everyone can enjoy a terrace visit again. 

What is possible in Valencia after May 9? 

In Valencia, 100% of the terrace can be occupied again from 9 May. This is provided a distance of 1.5 metres between tables is maintained. People must also wear their mouth masks between eating and drinking. Additionally, a maximum of six people at a table will be permitted and people cannot smoke unless they are two metres away from others. 

Hospitality industry Valencia advocates informing and checking safe terrace visits 

Hospitality companies often have to play policemen on their own terraces. However, this double role is often not received and experienced positively. Therefore, hospitality staff often have to deal with dissatisfied customers when they point out the applicable rules on the terrace. Customers also find it unfair when they do not follow the rules are reprimanded by the police. 

Spanish police forces too busy sanctioning offenders 

The Policía Local, like the Policía Nacional, is fining people who break the rules. Some examples of this are not wearing a mouth mask, exceeding the maximum number of people present at various places and violating the curfew. 

Horeca Valencia does not want to police their guests 

The hospitality industry is of the opinion that it should not be the one who constantly has to make customers aware of the rules and therefore demands responsibility from customers. In addition, the sector advocates the deployment of extra people, for example from the municipality or the Generalitat, who come to check the terraces and inform people about a safe visit to the terrace. 

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