Valencia relaxes corona restrictions

by Lorraine Williamson
corona restrictions relaxed

VALENCIA – Ximo Puig, president of the Valencia region, sets a time to lift the corona restrictions. “The big goal is to have as normal a summer as possible.” The fact that the measures have been relaxed until 9 May adds to this hope. 

According to Puig, the increase in vaccination coverage in May will further this goal. The plan is for all people over 60 to be immunised by the end of next month. This is one month earlier than the previous target for this age group. “May will be decisive, we are at a point to reach the summer in the best possible conditions. This will allow us to have a good tourist season and to reactivate the economy and society,” he predicted, Las Provincias wrote . 

Current rate of vaccination 

Puig is confident the current rate of vaccination will be maintained. This is thanks to the latest doses of vaccines received from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen. That shipment came in prior to a “very important” week for the vaccination of Valencians, as doses are being administered in the 60 to 70 year olds category. 

Goal to lift corona restrictions

The president reiterated all vaccines reaching the autonomous region will be administered “as soon as possible” to accelerate normalisation. “The big goal is to be able to lift restrictions and have as normal a summer as possible. Because the situation is very difficult for everyone and from a social and especially psychological point of view people deserve that”. 

“We have to face the summer well to achieve economic and social reactivation. Many people have suffered, many are at home on the basis of an ERTE scheme. We must do everything we can to promote a favourable scenario,” Puig argued. This was during a press meeting following a visit to several irrigation communities in the province of Alicante. 

Valencia regional measures until May 9

In the regional government journal DOGV, the new measures were published on Wednesday. These were agreed last Thursday in the Interdepartmental Table for Prevention and Action against Covid-19 in light of a favourable health situation regarding the pandemic in the region. 

Cogesa Expats

Firstly, the opening hours of shops and restaurants in Alicante will be extended to the curfew, which starts at 10 pm. The same capacity as has been used up to now will be maintained. That means 100% occupancy on terraces and 30% in indoor areas of bars and restaurants. 

The Generalitat decided on January 21 to close all catering establishments in the region.  And for shops to close at 6 pm except for the essentials. These corona restrictions were valid for 5 weeks until the February 25 meeting. From then, the terraces were allowed to open and the opening hours for shops were extended to 8 pm. 

Until the 9th of May a maximum of 6 people may be seated at tables. This is unless people live together or the distance between a group of tables is at least 2 metres inside and 1.5 metres outside on the terrace. 

A mouth mask is always mandatory while people don’t drink or eat. Consumption of food or drink should always be done while sitting at the table. The use of the bar, smoking or any other form of inhalation will remain prohibited. Dancing is not allowed inside or outside. 

For cultural activities such as cinemas, theatres or auditoriums, conference halls, driving schools and non-regulated training centres, the capacity will be expanded to 75%. This also applies to daily and weekly markets. 

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