The most expensive bread in the world comes from Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Pan Piña bakery, Algatocín, Malaga has the world´s most expensive bread

The most expensive bread in the world is of course special, but it also comes from Spain. The family bakery Pan Piña in Málaga was taken over by the owner´s son years ago and since last year, this bakery has become a household name with a very exclusive clientele.

The most expensive bread from this bakery costs €1,480 eurosMany may wonder if the bread is made of gold. Yet that is almost correct. The bread is made with small pieces of gold and silver that are suitable for consumption.

Málaga family bakery bake the most expensive bread in Spain

Baker Juan Manuel Moreno took over the family bakery 13 years ago and became a household name with his Pan Piña bakery in the small village of Algatocín. The master baker says it costs between €900 and €1,000 for the ingredients to make the bread. Specially selected flour, salt that is extracted by hand from caves, edible gold and silver, roasted seeds and the hard water from the area are the special ingredients with which baker Moreno makes the most expensive bread in the world.

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In addition to these special ingredients, baking this special bread takes between 12-18 hours. Unlinke factory breads, the baker ensures he takes time to make his bread. And according to him the difference in taste is exceptional.

Special bread on the market just before the corona crisis 

In February 2020, just before the corona crisis broke out, the baker started selling this special bread. Despite the crisis, he has sold nearly 100 loaves. His customers are therefore far from ordinary. They include Arab sheiks, Russian and Chinese real estate magnates and curious people with big wallets come to this special bakery.

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