The history of Spain as a spectacle in the best amusement park in the world

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Puy du Fou theme park

Puy du Fou España Theme Park brings the history of Spain to life. In the amusement park near Toledo, you will get to know the most important people and episodes of Spanish history. An educational and spectacular experience for the whole family.

Just six kilometres from Toledo, the Puy du Fou España theme park opened its gates last March. The amusement park brings together entertainment, education and history and has already been voted the best amusement park in the world twice. Don’t expect roller coasters or haunted houses, because this innovative park is all about shows. You will be immersed in the history of Spain with the help of many special effects: from the fall of the Roman Empire to the arrival of the railways.

On a 30-hectare site, you can enjoy four major shows during the day, find various historic settlements and in the evening you can be carried away in the great spectacle ‘El sueño de Toledo’ (the dream of Toledo).

The shows depict key moments from Spanish history and some of its most legendary characters. With many historical details, light projections, special effects, acrobatics, special sets and music, young and old can indulge themselves in the amusement park. Each of the daytime performances lasts approximately 30 minutes and is performed several times a day, eliminating the need for queues. The theatres can accommodate 1,800 to 2,400 spectators. The park meets all hygiene requirements for corona.

‘El último Cantar’ (the last epic)

El Cid, the heroic warrior and national hero of Spain, takes centre stage in the spectacular performance ‘El último Cantar’ (the last epic). On a 360-degree backdrop, you will be taken along in episodes from the life of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, el Cid. Can he control his horse Babieca with the sounds of his flute? When his godfather allowed Rodrigo to select a horse from his herd, he chose a horse that could not be ridden by (almost) anyone. To which his godfather responded with ‘Babieca’, ‘Fool’.

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‘A pluma y espada’ (with the pen and the sword)

Pen and the sword

The show ‘A pluma y espada’ brings the heyday of Spanish comedies back to life. In a historic theatre, the story of the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega (1562 – 1635) transports the spectator. Don Fernán Gómez, proof-reader of Toledo in 1592, makes his debut as the author of the play Fuenteovejuna (one of Lope de Vega’s many works); but Lope de Vega cannot let this deceit pass him by. A spectacle full of swordsmen, soldiers fighting on the roofs of the city and scenes of the great Spanish fleet. Lope de Vega fought in the naval battle at Terceira against a fleet of Portuguese, French, English and Dutch.

‘Cetrería de Reyes’ (falcons of the kings)

Birds of prey

The performance ‘Cetrería de Reyes’ is about the battle of Simancas. There, Caliph Abd al-Rahman III, who is considered the greatest ruler of Arab Spain, lost to the troops of King Ramiro II of León. Count Fernán González fought on behalf of Castile with the troops of the Christian king Ramiro. In the performance, Abderramán III and Count González conclude a truce. The Castilian count presents the caliph with an eagle as a sign of peace. In response, the Caliph shows him his hawks. Then the sky is the stage where 200 majestic birds fly just a wing’s length from the audience.

‘Allende la mar Océana’ (on the other side of the ocean)

Special effects allow you to experience first-hand what it’s like aboard the caravel Santa María, Columbus’ flagship. The spectacle ‘Allende la mar Océana’ transports you to 1492, when Christopher Columbus’ crew sets out on an expedition that changes world history. In the harbour you can hear the buzz of the final preparations for the journey. On board you discover life at sea, until you hear the cry everyone was looking forward to: “Land!”

Market stalls and inns

The theme park also contains four historic settlements with inns, mansions, market stalls and workshops. They give a picture of life in medieval villages and on historic farms. It is also the place to discover old crafts and buy local products. In historic inns you can try the best medieval dishes. Here you will find many terraces in the open air where you can eat and drink. It’s the perfect place for a break before continuing your journey through time.

The dream of Toledo

The dream of Toledo

The highlight is the evening show ‘El sueño de Toledo’ (the dream of Toledo). This is an immense spectacle that covers 1,500 years of Spanish history in seventy minutes. A huge stage in the landscape of the mountains of Toledo is the site of the performance. More than two hundred actors, riders and acrobats show events from Spain’s rich history in a show with impressive special effects and light projections. At Puy du Fou España, the history of Spain is a true spectacle…

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