The hidden weapons of Ibiza to captivate more exclusive tourists

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Ibiza has grown tired of drunken tourists and is looking to attract a more exclusive visitor. And this, precisely, is how the island wants to show itself in the documentary ‘Inside Ibiza’ that the British network BBC will premiere in 2024.

The documentary will have four 45-minute episodes and will also serve to promote the island among the viewers. Furthermore, it was conceived and filmed by the model and presenter Zara McDermott, a 26-year-old British woman who fell in love with Ibiza in her first visit in 2019.

“With unprecedented access and a rich cast of characters, Zara will seek to understand the Ibiza phenomenon and how the island is changing while seeking to attract a more exclusive clientele,” she explained from the BBC.

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“Given that the ‘Instagram effect’ makes Ibiza the place most visited by young Britons”, the presenter wants to “explore how the island works and how it faces the challenges” it poses, when it comes to captivating a more exclusive tourist, as reported by Diario de Ibiza.

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