Temperatures above 20 degrees in some Spanish provincial capitals

by Lorraine Williamson
temperatures above 20 degrees

Last weekend saw autumnal weather across much of Spain, with accompanying falling temperatures. From Monday, however, temperatures began to rise again in most autonomous communities.  

In some regions, the weather remained unstable, with rain and storms. According to the Spanish weather service AEMET, it was cloudy in Galicia, the northern plateau and northern Extremadura, and it rained. 

In contrast, there were light clouds in the Cantabrian region, the Balearic Islands and the rest of the peninsula, including the Canary Islands. Temperatures were low in the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean area of the peninsula and most of the western third of the peninsula. The Balearic Islands and the rest of the peninsula are experiencing rising temperatures, as are the northern plateau and part of Extremadura, southern Catalonia and in Levante,’ AEMET predicted for the beginning of this week.  

Maximum temperatures above 20 degrees

Maximum temperatures in many provincial capitals are around 20 degrees and in some they even reach a maximum of 25-27ºC.  

Specifically, these are the maximum temperatures in the various provincial capitals on Tuesday 8 November:  

  • Albacete: 23ºC 
  • Alicante: 26ºC 
  • Almería: 24ºC 
  • Avila: 14ºC 
  • Badajoz: 21ºC 
  • Barcelona: 23ºC 
  • Bilbao: 22ºC 
  • Burgos: 16ºC 
  • Cáceres: 19ºC 
  • Cadiz: 23ºC 
  • Castelló de la Plana: 24ºC 
  • Ceuta: 23ºC 
  • Ciudad Real: 20ºC 
  • Cordoba: 22ºC 
  • Coruña: 18ºC 
  • Cuenca: 19ºC 
  • Donostia: 22ºC 
  • Girona: 24ºC 
  • Granada: 25ºC 
  • Guadalajara: 17ºC 
  • Huelva: 22ºC 
  • Huesca: 18ºC 
  • Jaén: 21ºC 
  • León: 13ºC 
  • Lleida: 22ºC 
  • Logroño: 20ºC 
  • Lugo: 15ºC 
  • Madrid: 17ºC 
  • Málaga: 24ºC 
  • Melilla: 23ºC 
  • Murcia: 26ºC 
  • Ourense: 17ºC 
  • Oviedo: 18ºC 
  • Palencia: 16ºC 
  • Palma: 24ºC 
  • Palmas de Gran Canaria: 25ºC 
  • Pamplona: 19ºC 
  • Pontevedra: 17ºC 
  • Salamanca: 16ºC 
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 26ºC 
  • Santander: 16ºC 
  • Segovia: 16ºC 
  • Seville: 23ºC 
  • Soria: 16ºC 
  • Tarragona: 22ºC 
  • Teruel: 21ºC 
  • Toledo: 21ºC 
  • Valencia: 27ºC 
  • Valladolid: 17ºC 
  • Vitoria: 21ºC 
  • Zamora: 17ºC 
  • Zaragoza: 21ºC 

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