Spanish weather forecaster foresees a “potential historic shift”

by Lorraine Williamson
historic shift in weather

MADRID – Predicting the imminent weather patterns remains a challenging task. However, in Spain, one individual’s forecasts consistently grab the nation’s attention. Jorge Rey, the young meteorologist, recently warned, “We might be on the brink of a historic shift in many ways.” 

Ever since the Filomena blizzard blanketed much of Spain in January 2021, the 16-year-old weather aficionado has become a staple in the realm of meteorology. Claiming to have accurately predicted this massive snowstorm, Rey from Burgos has since been featured on numerous TV channels and newspapers. He’s also gained a massive following on social media, with his predictions quickly gaining widespread attention. 

Rey attributes his forecasts to the ‘cabañuelas’ method. This long-term weather prediction technique interprets forthcoming weather patterns based on current natural signs. Everything from winds, clouds, and tides to the behaviour of animals and insects is analysed. 

“Nature dictates the course” 

“Nature dictates the course,” asserts Rey. He points out that observing insects has uncovered certain anomalies that might become evident in the ensuing months. He believes these indicate a potential major transformation that could be full of surprises. However, he remains non-specific about the nature of these changes. 

Mosquito swarms and nesting wasps 

In a recent video, Rey discussed the presence of large mosquito swarms, suggesting they indicate looming weather shifts. He also mentioned wasps which, as per popular belief, start nesting in anticipation of colder, windier conditions. But whether they have begun nesting remains unclear. 


Regarding imminent weather patterns, Rey indicated, “By late August, Spain might experience DANAs (isolated high-altitude depressions) resulting in severe storms.” Such a statement isn’t groundbreaking, given that Spain often witnesses major storms or ‘gota fría’ at the end of summer. 

He also hinted at upcoming rain based on flying ants’ behaviour. Both Meteored and Aemet, however, foresee light rain in Spain’s far north and occasional thunderstorms, typical for the region. Rey ominously adds that what “follows might be even worse. Intense rain and storms are on the horizon.” 

Cogesa Expats

Blizzard-filled winter 

Rey believes the weather patterns on August 15 could provide insights into another impending Filomena-like event, with extremely cold temperatures. He comments on the summer’s intensity, implying a correlation with a potentially severe winter. However, current temperatures, while high, align with typical mid-August patterns. 

Drawing from folklore, Rey underscores the unusual number of wasps this year, suggesting a blizzard-filled winter. He, however, remains ambiguous about the exact number of these insects. 

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“Significant climatic shift underway” 

Highlighting anomalies in the behaviour of mosquitoes, flying ants, and even ladybugs, Rey believes there’s a significant climatic shift underway. Despite these claims, he doesn’t provide clear insights into the expected deviations. 

He predicts abnormally high temperatures towards month-end, with sparse rain in some regions. He bleakly concludes that the “data doesn’t seem promising.” 

Amets forecast 

On a more scientific note, Aemet forecasts that temperatures will stay seasonally appropriate until August 20, with only nighttime temperatures slightly elevated. Towards August’s end, temperatures might rise above average. Their preliminary autumn predictions indicate warmer-than-usual temperatures across Europe, including the British Isles. 

Aemet cautiously adds that while predicting rainfall for an entire season can be uncertain, there’s a 40-50% likelihood of above-average rainfall this fall, contrasting with a 20-40% probability of reduced rainfall. 

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