Spanish RTVE stops reporting from Russia

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MADRID – RTVE temporarily stops reporting from Russia. Spain’s national broadcaster is doing this after Russia passes a law providing for up to 15 years in prison for spreading what Moscow considers ‘fake news’.

RTVE is now analysing the exact situation of the reporters who are still in Russia. Meanwhile, the broadcaster continues to inform as much as possible about the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Like it has done since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Following in the footsteps of other broadcasters

This decision by the broadcaster comes after other European networks also decided to stop reporting from Russia. These include the British BBC, the German ZDF, ARD, the Italian RAI, the American CNN, the Canadian CBC, or the Bloomberg news agency. The Spanish news agency EFE stops its activities in Russia too, after Putin declared war on the free press with his law.

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A direct attack on journalists

That this does not just stop at words, was shown by a direct attack on journalists. A Russian squad of soldiers opened fire on five reporters from the British channel Sky News. Near Kyiv, the Russian soldiers riddled their car with bullets and two of the journalists were injured. The incident, which took place on Monday, is being interpreted by international media as a sign of intimidation of journalists covering the war from within.

“The war is getting worse every day”

One of the British journalists, Stuart Ramsey, was shot in the back. About the shooting, he said: “The war is getting worse every day”. “We were lucky, and the bulletproof vest certainly saved our lives. But thousands of Ukrainians die and their families are shot by reconnaissance units that attack indiscriminately.”

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