Spanish flight attendant reveals something only Spaniards do in the air

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish flight attendant

MADRID – The newspaper writes a funny piece about the experiences of a Spanish flight attendant with fellow Spaniards in the air. According to her, passengers from other countries do not have the habits she observed. Recogniaable perhaps? 

The flight attendant shares her findings on TikTok under the name @ainoasserrano. She has been working as a flight attendant for two months and has already mapped the habits of Spanish passengers that people from other countries do not have. 

The woman emphasises that she has made many flights to Spain and has therefore encountered many Spaniards, and that she sees patterns that are repeated on all flights. 


“First of all, I swear to you, I’ve never seen it in any other country, that’s applauding when we land. What’s the matter with us? Why? It’s no use at all, it’s not like when you go out the bus gets on and the driver thanks. Applauding during landing is… I swear to you, I have not seen it anywhere else, in any other nationality,” she says. 

However, the fact that this Spanish stewardess has never seen this with another nationality does not mean they do not also applaude. Moreover, it is very likely many British people can admit to, or at least agree that their compatriots also clap the pilot when they have landed safely on the tarmac.

“Only Coffee and Water” 

“Second: Compared to the Brits and Irish among others, Spaniards do not consume anything on board, we order nothing, except maybe water or at most a cup of coffee,” says the flight attendant, noting that “English people and people from other countries drink throughout the flight “: “And if the flight is late, they always order something to eat, lunch or dinner, depending on the hour.” 

Cogesa Expats

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“But Spaniards, never, just coffee and water. Period. We don’t spend money, we don’t spend anything. And that’s because we just don’t have that much money. And we’re also a bit of closed-fist solidarity.” let them shine through. 


The stewardess also notes that Spaniards “complain about everything”: “The culture of complaining in Spain is something incredibly true and widespread in the country. Spaniards complain about everything, about nothing, because they can, because they can’t. If there is a minute delay in take-off, they already complain, if the coffee is too hot, they complain, if it is too cold, they also complain.” The woman admits that English people are “sometimes fake” in their politeness, “but they are not in the habit of complaining about absolutely everything”. 


And finally, a classic: Spaniards “talk unbelievably loud”: “We scream like our lives depend on it. It’s no better or worse than other countries, it’s just what Spaniards do”. 

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