Spanish authorities dismantle human trafficking ring exploiting victims in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – In a joint operation, agents from the Guardia Civil and the Policía Nacional have successfully dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The coordinated effort resulted in the rescue of twelve people. These victims were confined in deplorable conditions in the basement of a residence in Madrid. Furthermore, the perpetrators not only subjected these individuals to exploitative conditions but also engaged in drug trafficking.

Exploitation in a house of horrors

The criminal group, composed of individuals of South American origin with familial ties. Moreover, they targeted victims in their home countries, deceiving them with promises of dignified and well-paying jobs in Spain. Upon arrival, victims were informed of a fabricated debt to the organisation. This was triple the actual travel expenses. Consequently, they were coerced into repaying this “debt” through forced prostitution.

The victims, including a person with a 67% intellectual disability, were kept in a Madrid residence, where they endured strict control measures. The women were confined indoors, faced fines for non-compliance, and lived in inhumane conditions in a windowless basement. The victims were compelled to pay 100€ for their stay in the residence, in addition to charges for meals. They were required to be available 24 hours a day, engage in eight hours of effective sexual services daily, and endure exploitative conditions, including performing two sexual services per client and engaging in unprotected oral sex.

The criminal operation also involved drug trafficking, with the victims forced to transport cocaine when leaving the residence.

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Criminal infrastructure and financial gains

The criminal network demonstrated a strong infrastructure in Spain, utilising a property in Madrid as a brothel or rendezvous location. Through the investigation, authorities uncovered that the organisation had received a total of €1,244,767.49 through a payment platform.

As a result of the operation, twelve people have been arrested, eleven in the province of Madrid and one in Las Palmas. They face charges related to human trafficking, membership in a criminal organisation, offenses related to prostitution, violations of the rights of foreign citizens, pornography, and crimes against public health.

Rescue operation and seized assets

Police executed search warrants at two locations – one in Madrid and another in Fuentidueña de Tajo (Madrid). The operation led to the rescue of twelve victims, along with the seizure of over €30,000, 30 grams of cocaine, 13 grams of marijuana, and various documents related to the investigated activities.

Human trafficking reporting

This operation aligns with the ongoing efforts of the Guardia Civil to combat human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Moreover, the public is encouraged to collaborate by reporting any relevant information or suspicions anonymously through the email

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