Spanish Army ‘green berets’ sent to Kabul to evacuate Afghan civilians

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish Army at Kabul airport

WORLD NEWS – A unit of the Special Operations Command (MOE) of the Spanish Army, better known as the ‘green berets’, is assisting at Kabul airport in the repatriation of civilian personnel from Afghanistan.

MOE sources reported it is an operational team of this elite Army unit. However, no further details of the mission have been offered for security reasons.

Green Berets

The Green Berets, who also call themselves guerrillas, has more than two decades of experience. Most of their tours have been in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq, Mali, Kosovo, and the Central African Republic.

Spanish Army security missions

Currently, they have a continuous presence in Iraq and Lebanon, while also carrying out shorter security missions in other parts of the world. Most recently in several Maghreb and Sahel countries such as Tunisia, Mauritania, and Senegal.

The 900 strong unit is led by General Raimundo Rodríguez Roca. And based in the Alférez Rojas Navarrete barracks in the city of Alicante.  

Missions in conflict zones

Typically, they participate in missions in conflict zones, peace missions, humanitarian operations and collaborate with other armies and other countries. As such, they are experts in skydiving, precision shooting, mountain, and underwater activities.

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