Spain most popular destination for Semana Santa worldwide

by Lorraine Williamson
Semana Santa

The bookings for the Semana Santa, the week before Easter, continue to increase. Although Holy Week has always been popular among Spaniards and foreigners, Spain is currently the most popular destination in the world, claims the platform TravelgateX. 

Whereas at the beginning of the year people still booked their trips shortly in advance, because of the pandemic, holidaymakers seem to be slowly but surely shaking off this fear. The bookings for the Semana Santa only keep increasing. 

Run on trips during Semana Santa in Spain 

At the time of writing, the number of bookings for this year is still 28% below the bookings of 2019, the year before the pandemic. In recent weeks, however, a run has been visible on trips during the Semana Santa in Spain. According to travel agency Destinia, the number of bookings exceeds the numbers of 2019 in the past three weeks with 7% more bookings per week. 

Spain most popular worldwide in the week before Easter 

Spain currently accounts for one in four bookings (25.02%) worldwide. The country is closely followed by the United States (21.34%). Italy occupies 3rd position with 7.37% of bookings. 

Cogesa Expats

The nationalities of the tourists are also analysed by the platform. The Spaniards themselves appear to have the largest share in the bookings during the Semana Santa; more than 65% of all bookings come from the Spaniards themselves. 16% of the bookings are made by people from the UK and just over 3% by German tourists. Couples in particular (more than 47%) seem to find the holy week in Spain a perfect excuse for a few days away. 

Andalucia is currently the most popular region with over 20% of the bookings in Spain during the Semana Santa. The southern Spanish region barely beats the Canary Islands (19.9%) and Catalonia (18%). 

Bookings soar in final weeks before Semana Santa 

Given the huge increase in bookings in recent weeks, the director of Destinia is confident that the Semana Santa is the start of a very successful summer in Spain. 

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