Spain extends ban on evictions even after state of alarm

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Ban on evictions extended by three months

Spain continues to protect the vulnerable in the housing sector after the state of alarm ends. A ban on evictions is just one of the measures extended. The announcement came after various parties reacted with surprise at the end of the state of alarm on 9th May.

Spokespersons of autonomous regions and a majority in the Chamber reacted in amazement after Prime Minister Sánchez announced the state of alarm would be lifted on 9th May. One cause for concern was the government’s measures to protect vulnerable people in the housing market. Would they continue once the state of alarm ended? 

Equal or reduced charges for vulnerable tenants in Spain

Prime Minister Sánchez answered this question on Wednesday morning: “We will not let anyone down. We will extend the social protection measures for another three months.”  In concrete terms, this means tenants with little financial means have three months longer to make use of the support programme. For example, they can apply for a temporary waiver of the rent or request a deferment of payment when the owner is a large rental company or government company.

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No evictions without alternative housing

Secondly, the government will extend contracts that include an increase in rent over the next six months. In addition, the government is extending the measure that vulnerable people without alternative housing should not be forcibly evicted. In other words, a continued ban on evictions. With 40,000 possible evictions, this will be a relief to many.

Spanish prime minister wants to continue to end the plan in a state of alarm

Now that Sánchez wants to lift the state of alarm on 9th May, autonomous regions and a majority in the House are wondering how the corona policy will be shaped afterwards. However, the prime minister believes there are sufficient legal instruments available with which autonomous regions can shape their corona policy.

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