Vaccination target under threat as Janssen suspend delivery

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Suspension of janssen vaccine threatens Spain's vaccination target

A day before Spain receives the corona vaccine from Janssen, the company temporarily halts supplies to Europe. This after a few women from the United States experienced serious side effects. How does this affect Spain’s vaccination target?

The Spanish government expected to receive the first 300,000 doses of the 5.5 million ordered from Janssen on Wednesday. The government previously announced this vaccine would be administered to people aged 70 to 79.

Serious side effects in US women

AstraZeneca’s problems now seem to be repeating themselves. Janssen’s parent company Johnson & Johnson decided to temporarily suspend delivery of the vaccine after six women between the ages of 18 and 48 suffered some form of brain thrombosis. One woman died and another was hospitalised in critical condition. At that time, almost 7 million injections had been given. The authorities subsequently decided to stop using the Janssen vaccine.

Spain will receive Janssen delivery when green light given

Following the announcement that Janssen temporarily halted the supply of vaccines to Europe, Health Minister Darias said she is in constant contact with the company. Darias also said Spain is ready to receive the shipment and start vaccinations when the vaccine receives the green light.

Does Janssen delay endanger Spain’s target?

Janssen’s would be the fourth vaccine in Spain. After those from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, the vaccine from Janssen is the first which only requires one dose to be effective against Covid-19.

The temporary supply freeze threatens the government’s goal of vaccinating 70% of the population by the end of August. Particularly as Janssen would supply a large number of the country’s vaccines. Despite this setback, several Spanish ministers announced on Tuesday evening they were hopeful and still expect to meet the target before the end of August.

Vaccination programme’s key dates

Spain’s Prime Minister Sánchez previously set out key dates for reaching the 70% vaccinated target by the end of August. Achieving the goal relies on the timely delivery of the more than 87 million doses ordered. The timeline is:

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April 5: 2.8 million people vaccinated

May 7: 5 million people vaccinated

June 4: 10 million people vaccinated

June 14: 15 million people vaccinated

July 19: 25 million people vaccinated

August 31: 33 million people vaccinated

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