Solution for under-60s in Spain with one AstraZeneca jab

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AstraZeneca vaccine to be replaced with Pfizer for under-60s

Spain limited the AstraZeneca shot to people aged over 60 due to concerns about blood clotting in younger people.  On Tuesday evening, the Spanish Health Commission came up with a solution for those under-60 who have already received a single AZ jab.

Spaniards under the age of 60 who received their first dose of AstraZeneca can continue with the Pfizer vaccine. Spain announced some time ago it would stop vaccinating people under 60 years with AstraZeneca. This followed reports of severe side effects such as thrombosis.

Under 60s in Spain can continue vaccination with Pfizer

At that time, a significant part of this target group in Spain had already received a first injection from AstraZeneca. On Tuesday, the Health Commission announced this target group can complete their vaccination with a second injection of Pfizer.

Spanish institute investigated combination AstraZeneca with Pfizer

The Carlos III Health Institute published the research results of this combination of vaccines. The study, involving 676 people, showed this combination of vaccines as sufficiently effective and safe. Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal and Finland previously decided upon this strategy.

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For the Spaniards who would rather finish their vaccination with AstraZeneca, the Commission of Public Health will make a decision later.

How far is Spain with vaccination programme?

At the time of writing, 15,495,889 people in Spain (32.7%) have received a first shot with one of four approved vaccines. 7,323,426 people in Spain (15.4%) have already been fully vaccinated. Most people in Spain received the Pfizer vaccine.

Currently, almost all people over 60 in Spain are vaccinated. The government announced on Tuesday all over-50s in Spain will receive an invitation, and from June it will be the turn of all over-40s. The Spanish government is looking into whether all people in Spain between the ages of 16 and 40 can be invited for a vaccination at the same time.


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