Spanish police in the dark about sisters missing from Tenerife

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Girls still missing from Tenerife

On April 27, 6-year-old Olivia and 1-year-old Anna became world news when they were reported as missing from Tenerife. For more than three weeks, the Spanish police have been looking for the two sisters who were presumably kidnapped by their own father.

Since day one, the police have not ruled out that Olivia and Anna were kidnapped by their own father, Tomás Antonio Gimeno (37). The father called his ex-partner Beatriz Zimmerman on April 27 with the message she would never see her daughters again. After this phone call, the woman called in the Spanish police, which immediately started a search for the girls and their father.

Spanish police are still in the dark

More than three weeks after the search for the girls and their father began, the Spanish police are still in the dark. Research in the father’s house, his work address, car and boat have so far been unsuccessful. Although the father may be far away by now, the police are not giving up.

Guardia Civil tracking dogs search father’s house, car and boat

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo wrote on Tuesday about the investigation into the girls missing from Tenerife. Tracking dogs from the Guardia Civil searched the grounds of the father’s home address on Tuesday for remains. Monday the dogs searched the inside of the house.

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At the moment, the police can only rule out that the girls were not violently killed or harmed in Tomás’ house. No traces of violence or blood have been found; nor are there any indications that traces have been erased. “This of course does not rule out that this has happened elsewhere,” said the Guardia Civil.

Video images of the port of Tenerife are the only reason

On Wednesday, the investigation continues with the dogs in Tomás’ car and boat. According to the police, these are two important elements. Both the car and boat were empty on April 28. Tomás can be seen on video images in the harbour on 27 April when he brought large bags on board.

Kidnapping abroad is not unthinkable

The Spanish police have already scanned the coastline of Tenerife, but suspect the escape route was by sea. Various scenarios are conceivable here. The police do not rule out the father switched to another boat with which he took the girls abroad. Police are also currently awaiting an ultrasound machine that can scan the bottom of the sea for unknown objects and remains.

In December 2020, Beatriz reported to the Guardia Civil that her former partner allegedly threatened her. In the end, she decided not to press charges because she did not want to take her daughters away from their father.

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