Sánchez sets out vaccination timetable

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MADRID – This afternoon, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez outlined key dates in the vaccination pragramme’s calendar. He also expects the state of alarm to end on 9th May.

This afternoon (6th April), Pedro Sánchez addressed the Spanish Congress. He announced the Executive expects by “the end of August” there will be 33 million Spanish vaccinated.

“I have affirmed that we will only be able to regain full normality thanks to vaccination. We have already started to do so. The vaccination rate is going to accelerate this April ”, indicated Sánchez.

Vaccination programme key dates

“We have contracted more than 87 million doses between April and September, which ensures that any citizen can be vaccinated in that period,” said Sánchez.

The key dates are:

  • 3rd May: 5 million vaccinated with both doses.
  • First week of June: 10 million vaccinated
  • In the week of June 14: 15 million vaccinated
  • For the week of July 19, Sánchez indicated: “We want 25 million people to be vaccinated”
  • By the end of August, 33 million Spaniards vaccinated. This equates to the 70% the Health Minister spoke of last week.

Sánchez forecasts state of alarm to end on 9th May

Responding to suggestions the state of alarm be extended, Sánchez said: “The objective is that it is not necessary to extend the state of alarm. We want May 9 to be the end point of the state of alarm.”

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If it were necessary to take measures to restrict mobility, he adds, he recalls that decisions of the Interterritorial Council have been validated in the courts. “Let’s hope that the epidemiological situation and vaccination give us enough tools to be able to respond.”

Differing reactions to state of alarm news

El País reports two differing views on Sánchez’s prediction for the end of the state of alarm. The Canarian president, Ángel Víctor Torres, considered it “magnificent news”. He went on to say, after a meeting with Minister Miquel Iceta, he assessed the state of alarm will decline within a month, “after so many months of suffering, anxiety, anguish and difficulties.”

However, the spokesperson for the  Andalucian Government said they considered it “hasty”. “The Prime Minister takes it thinking about the support he has in Congress to approve another state of alarm,” said spokesperson Bendodo. Andalucia also poured cold water on the vaccination timetable. They asked for central government to intensify negotiations with the European Union to speed up the shipment of vaccines. 

“The Government promised that 70% would be reached in June, doing so at the end of August would mean losing the entire summer season. The lifeguard must be sent before drowning. For Andalucia it is essential to save the summer,” he insisted.

The president recognises tough times

President Sánchez recognised the tough times, Spaniards have been through in recent months. “It is true that the third wave has had an impact. We have had two very bad months, also due to the storm Filomena. The ministry will update the forecasts.” Sánchez also highlighted some recovery fund projects have already been approved, such as one related to water purification.

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