Spain changes the age limit for covid testing of children

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Age limit raised of covid testing for children

Just days after the Spanish government announces the temporary travel conditions to Spain, it decides to relax the rules slightly. Families with smaller children benefit from as age for covid testing of children raised.

Spain decides to raise the age limit for covid testing of children entering Spain. Previously, all children older than 6 years had to be tested to be allowed to enter Spain. As of June 9th, this age has been raised to children aged 12 and older. This change was published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette (BOE) of Spain.

Spanish government aligns with rules surrounding European countries

From now on, all children under the age of 12 no longer need to be tested to enter Spain. The Spanish government decided to implement this change after neighbouring countries applied the age limit of 12 years. The EMA also recently concluded that children from the age of 12 may be vaccinated. Spain therefore chooses to adhere to this age for mandatory testing for a trip to Spain.

Still need a health certificate and QR code when entering Spain

However, children under 12 years still need documentation for travel to Spain. Children under the age of 12 must be in possession of a QR code which can be obtained by completing the health declaration via the Spanish government website or SpainTravelHealth app.

All other measures that Spain presented last weekend, and that came into effect on 7th June, remain in force for the time being. 

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